Boundless Theatre Company Completes Rare Revival of María Irene Fornés’ Mud

“The law of the jungle applies here, and the root-cellar closeness of the cramped Teatro Círculo promises a gritty, lower-depths cage match.” – Time Out New York

“Elena Araoz has put together a fully realized production…honest in its brutality and severe in its simplicity.” -Reviews Hub

“Villamil gives a very risky performance” –The Village Voice

“The strength of Araoz’s production is its sharp focus on this pointedly inconclusive story of timidity and indolence in the face of gnawing spiritual hunger.” –

“When you're ready to be amazed by just how freakin' intense a show can be with only three actors in a tiny basement theater, high-tail it to Teatro Círculo for this incredible production.” –

Boundless Theatre Company’s recent revival of Mud – which brought this Fornés classic back to New York for the first time since 1999 – closed on October 29th after an enormously successful run! Two performances were added due to popular demand, and Mud played to sold-out houses several times during its limited run. Critics praised director Elena Araoz’ powerful production, as well as impressive performances by actors Nicole Villamil, Nelson Avidon and Julian Elijah Martinez. Reviewers also commended Nathan Leigh’s “hypnotic sound design,” and Regina García’s “vice-like design of the wooden room that traps the three main characters” (The Reviews Hub, The Village Voice).

Bringing Fornés’ work back to NYC was very meaningful for our artists, and an important step forward in Boundless’ mission to produce stories that speak to the diversity of our community. But more importantly, this production helped bring Fornés’ under-produced work the appreciation that it deserves in the larger NYC theater community. Student groups from colleges across the city attended our production, and were able to see a staged version of the text that they’d only ever studied in the classroom. The cast and creative team participated in a series of post-show discussions, allowing theatre-goers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the play. And thanks to our sponsor, Major World, underprivileged community members were given the opportunity to see the show free of charge. Boundless Theatre Company is proud to have been able to reinvent, celebrate and share this Fornés play with our friends, our colleagues and our city.