Boundless Theatre Company is a designer-led organization seeking to investigate, push and redefine the boundaries of theatrical storytelling. Spearheaded by women, Latinx theatre-makers and other theatre-makers of color, we strive to nurture cross-cultural voices in our programming, producing aesthetically challenging and visually mesmerizing interpretations of new and existing work. In these ways, we foster a collaborative artistic landscape as richly and authentically diverse as our own communities.


Boundless Theatre Company was founded in 2003. In that year, founding members María-Cristina Fusté and Ailien Ventura began assembling a diverse group of artists, aiming to form a company that would bring underrepresented viewpoints into the wider theatrical conversation. Over the next several years, the company developed this goal in two ways. As designers, the artists collaborating at Boundless Theatre Company sought to create a production process that was led by the design team, prioritizing visual and auditory excellence in the theatre. As artists from a multicultural backgrounds, they also sought to bring their own stories and communities to life onstage. In productions such as Tropical Tree, Five Kinds of Silence, and Madre, el drama padre, the artists at Boundless Theatre Company began working toward these goals, all while creating inquisitive and socially relevant theatre.

Today, Boundless seeks to advance these goals through a diverse array of cultural activities. In the past 15 years, the company has produced multiple fully-staged productions, often featuring female and ethnically diverse playwrights, directors, designers, and performers. It also provides rare opportunities for designers to take the lead on fully-staged productions, guiding the artistic process with their own creative visions. The design team at Boundless Theatre Company select a Mainstage production by a Latinx playwright each year for presentation in NYC. In the past works from Octavio Solis and María Irene Fornés have been produced under this program among others.

Boundless is also committed to nurturing the next generation of diverse theatre artists. Each summer, the company produces El Barrio Raíces Summer Program, a bilingual arts education program offered free of charge to children between the ages of 7 and 10. For four weeks, the program develops students' theatre skills while encouraging them to explore their cultural roots ("raíces") through the arts. In addition, Boundless’ annual production of Chronicle of a Death Foretold reaches 5,000 students in Puerto Rico.

Boundless Theatre Company Inc. is a not-for-profit theater company based in New York and San Juan. Since its beginnings, the company has operated simultaneously in both cities, and has facilitated a robust artist exchange between New York and Puerto Rico. Boundless is also a proud member of ART New York/Alliance of Resident Theatres.

Five Kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stephenson. Caguas, PR 2006

Gerardo Ortiz, Kisha Tikina Burgos, Sara Pastor, Tensy Ann Vela.