by María Irene Fornés

Directed by Elena Araoz

Artistic Director: María-Cristina Fusté
Associate Producer: Amy Palen
Costume Design: Sarita Fellows
Lighting Design: María-Cristina Fusté
Set design: Regina García
Sound Design/ Composer: Nathan Leigh

About Mud:

Mud, Maria Irene Fornes’ classic 1983 play, paints a desolate portrait of toxic affection and rural poverty. It follows Mae, a tenacious, illiterate young woman earnestly pursuing social mobility through education. Caught between Lloyd, her ill, resentful housemate, and Henry, a self-impressed neighbor-turned-lover, Mae struggles to pursue her personal goals while providing for the men who rely on her. Alternating between passion, cynicism and surprising humor, Mud relentlessly explores the cycle of economic oppression and the struggle of caring for one’s own.