The Conduct of Life

by María Irene Fornés

Teatro Círculo
64 E 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
Subway: 6 to Astor Place, F to 2nd Avenue, R/W to 8th Street.

Dakota Granados (Orlando)
Ana Grosse (Leticia)
Déa Julien (Nena)
Monica Steuer (Olimpia)
Terrell Wheeler (Alejo)

Creative Team:
María Irene Fornés (Playwright)
Elena Araoz (Director)
María-Cristina Fusté (Lighting Designer/Executive Artistic Director)
Amy Palen (Associate Producer)
Angel Morales (Associate Producer)
David Anzuelo/Jesse Geguzis, Uncle Dave’s Fight-House (Violence/Intimacy Directors)
Regina García (Scenic Designer)
Nathan Leigh (Composer/Sound Designer)
Harry Nadal (Costume Designer)
Esther Bermann (Stage Manager)
Janilka Romero (Assistant Stage Manager)
Omayra Garriga (Assistant to the Scenic Designer)
Gabriela Ramos King (Lighting Design Apprentice)
Quinn Metal Corbin (Social Media Consultant)
Dan Bauer (Public Relations)

About The Conduct of Life:

María Irene Fornés’ critically acclaimed drama The Conduct of Life presents an unflinching portrayal of the intersection between political and personal violence. The play follows Orlando, an army officer serving under the totalitarian government of an unnamed Latin American state. As he advances in his career, Orlando perpetrates state-sanctioned acts of violence, warping his psyche and gradually upending life in his household. His descent into a lifestyle of corruption and abuse leaves Orlando’s family grappling with the pernicious intrusion of state terror in their private lives. This riveting exploration of power, gender and greed provides a timely and brutal portrait of domestic life under authoritarianism.



Creative Team

Elena Araoz

María Cristina Fusté
Lighting Designer/Executive Artistic Director

Amy Palen
Associate Producer

Angel Morales
Associate Producer

Dave Anzuelo
Violence/Intimacy Directors
(UnkleDave’s Fight-House)

Gerardo Rodriguez
Violence/Intimacy Directors
(UnkleDave’s Fight-House)

Regina Garcia
Scenic Designer

Nathan Leigh
Composer/Sound Designer

Harry Nadal
Costume Designer

Esther Bermann
Stage Manager

Janilka Romero
Assistant Stage Manager

Omayra Garriga
Assistant to the Scenic Designer

Gabriela Ramos-King
Lighting Design Apprentice

Quinn Metal Corbin
Social Media Consultant

Dan Bauer
Public Relations

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